The new “Roseanne” is Hollywood’s greatest punking of red state America

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Trump voters are in love with a liberal stalwart who is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. And she isn’t even real.

When it premiered to huge ratings in March, Trump voters saw “Roseanne” as a show finally dedicated to their point of view. In it, “Roseanne” gets into a testy debate with her sister, Jackie, about voting for Trump. “He talked about jobs, Jackie” yells Roseanne.

But that’s where the shared values end.

The “Roseanne” of 2018 seems to be the exact same character she was when the show ended 20 years before – a feminist who was accepting of the LGBT community as one that should be allowed to thrive next to their heterosexual neighbors, pro-choice, against tax cuts for corporations, and pro-union.

In the new “Roseanne,” one episode has the family’s matriarch accepting and supportive of her the choice by her grandson, Mark, to wear clothing made for girls. In fact, the whole family is very liberal in this and most other ways. The only hesitation not to let Mark wear what he wants is the fear he will get picked-on and bullied because of his decision. Otherwise, everyone is basically fine with it.

So, in essence, you have a show that purports to be pro-Trump, but, in reality, is really a vehicle for liberal and anti-conservative/republican values. Millions of Trump voters who are tuning in to see someone validate their choice, will instead find a show that tells them most of their values are wrong.

“Roseanne” is a Trump supporter, not because she agreed with Trump’s moral positions. She was a Trump voter because of her family’s less than perfect economic situation. In one episode, she and Dan trade different types of medication – an illustration of how they can’t afford full medical coverage.

“Roseanne” is a Trump supporter because she felt she had no choice. Her vote was an act of economic desperation – not an affirmation that someone in Hollywood shares any real ideological connection with someone in red state America.

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