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The hypocrisy of “shut up” culture: Kanye West edition

By Michael d’Oliveira The hypocrisy of “shut up culture” reached new highs (well, lows actually) this week with Kanye West’s Oval Office meeting with President Donald Trump. The newly crowned leader of “shut up culture” is Candace Owens. A conservative pundit, Owens has gotten a lot of attention lately – from conservatives and liberals. Not […]

Conservatives and democratic socialists are wrong about democratic socialism

By Michael d’Oliveira Mention democratic socialism and many conservatives shriek that it’s an attack on American values; basically, the softer side of Karl Marx. Mention it to a group of democratic socialists and it’s hailed as a system that will ultimately replace capitalism for the better. They’re both wrong. Democratic socialism is neither the forebearer […]

A picture can be worth a thousand lies

By Michael d’Oliveira Stop trusting photographs. Seeing is not always believing, especially when politics is involved. On her verified Instagram account, Lynne Patton, an official with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, shared a meme of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. The meme reads, “If the media will lie about this what else are they […]

Accusations should not be automatically believed or dismissed

By Michael d’Oliveira The following is quite insane: “The charge of sexual assault against [Supreme Court nominee] Brett Kavanaugh is disqualifying and we call on him to immediately withdraw his nomination for the Supreme Court,” said Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America in a New York Times article about the sexual assault accusations against […]