About us

When it comes to politics, celebrities, media, and every other facet of our society, there’s a lot of malarkey, which is slang for bull . . . my mother might be reading this, so look it up yourself. While certain people are more full of malarkey than others, very few people are malarkey-free, especially politicians and institutions. At The Malarkey Meter, we want to do our small part to wade through some of it.

But The Malarkey Meter isn’t dedicated to pushing a liberal or conservative point of view. We’re dedicated to pushing our own point of view and criticizing everyone we think is peddling their own malarkey – whether it be on Twitter, in memes, television, or out in the real world.

We aren’t here to please everyone and we know everyone won’t agree with us. We wouldn’t want that anyways. But we do hope everyone can find something they agree with. We also hope to get people to think critically about something they might otherwise automatically believe, especially before they share it on social media.

That’s why The Malarkey Meter exists. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon when the politician you dislike allegedly does or says something you also dislike. But if there’s no video or no reputable source of news reporting what was said or done, maybe it’s better to wait until more information is available before you take it as gospel. As Christopher Hitchens said, “I’m more inclined to doubt something if its truth is something that would suit me.” That’s a quote we should all live by.

Question everything.