Judge Judy jumps into pay gap debate

Judy Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, weighed into the pay gap debate when she was interviewed by TMZ on April 10.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, a judge decided Sheindlin’s annual $47 million salary was justified. In a YouTube video posted by TMZ, Sheindlin was asked how she felt after winning the court case.

“We never question what guys earn,” she responded.

Somewhere, there’s an overpaid male professional athlete wishing it were true. They’re probably tired of hearing other people call them overpaid.

The debate about professional athletes being overpaid has been around for decades and shows no sign of slowing down. It’s something everyone, even people who don’t even really pay attention to sports, has an opinion on.

And, as the primary consumers of sports as entertainment, no one complains more about professional male athletes being overpaid more than men. Men griping about what professional athletes make is almost as old as professional sports itsself. There was probably even a guy from the South Side of Chicago complaining about the salaries of the 1919 White Sox right before they were caught throwing the World Series (the Black Sox were paid today’s equivalent of $40,000. A salary any working-class American would have been more than happy to take at the time).

There’s an entire Forbes article from 2009 just on baseball’s most overpaid players. Do a Google search and you’ll find a virtually unlimited number of website postings dedicated to the same debate.

Women being paid less than men is a serious issue in our society. But Judge Judy isn’t really a part of that problem. She doesn’t have male co-stars to worry about being paid more than her. She is the show. She is the product. As long as she keeps brining in the ratings, she is always going to be paid millions. Just like pro-athletes.

Thankfully, for her, she seems to be picking up the slack when it comes to women being underpaid.