I hope Gary Johnson runs for Senate (read the article before you judge me)

By Michael d’Oliveira


I’m not voting for Gary Johnson, even if I wanted to. I don’t live in New Mexico.

I won’t be donating money to his campaign.

I don’t like most of his policies or his thoughts on government.

We probably agree on a few things, like his libertarian views on some social issues.

But that wouldn’t be enough to get me to support him for any national or statewide race.

It’s still not a sure thing. But I do hope he runs.


I’m sick of people like Jill Stein and Ralph Nader who just show up every four years to run for president. They know they won’t win or even get close to winning. And, sometimes, they even take away vital votes away from serious candidates. People like Stein often do more harm than good. And when they don’t do any real harm, they still manage to be annoying. The less support she has, the better.

But that’s a whole other article.

So, Johnson running would be a breath of fresh air. It would prove he’s not just interested un running for president to get attention.

He’d be a very rare breed of past presidential candidate who lost and made a move that went a long way to showing he actually wanted to govern. I don’t agree with what he wants to do as a part of government. But I would give him credit for at least wanting to be a part of government and be a part of trying to solve the problems we face.

Would he be part of the solution? Maybe not. But, as they say, “’A’ for effort.” Being more than just an attention-seeker is at least worth something.

As for Johnson being a past governor of New Mexico, that proves he wanted to govern when he was governor. People change. It’s been years since he held an elected position. And since becoming president is virtually impossible, anyone who seriously wants to help make this country a better place should try running for an office they have a chance at winning. Stop wasting time and money on futile campaigns.

All that being said, it’s Gary Johnson. The Senate is a serious place for serious men and women who deal with important, complicated national and international issues.

Not men who ask, “What is Aleppo?” Something a high school kid should know about.